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  • we specialize in NOT specializing

  • we’re OLD school & NEW school

A Little CONtEXT

Advertising & Marketing Agencies

Advertising and Marketing agencies are experts in branding and brand strategy.  Like all organizations, agencies usually specialize in certain areas. Some are more strategic, some more creative and some more executional. Some are founded on media planning and buying, some on type of media (tv, social, direct, promotions) and some on account management. These agencies, like companies across all industries, use many terms interchangeably or in such a manner to create uniqueness.

Brands & Branding

A brand represents any unique asset. It can be an entire organization, a specific product or service, a place or a person.  Each brand has an inherent composition. Branding is the process of understanding, developing and articulating brand characteristics.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a brand’s perspective on its story, relevance and value. It includes the market landscape, competitive set and target consumer. It provides the foundation from which all branding follows.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications refers to a seamless view of branding.  This approach is based on advertising and marketing where brand messages are integrated across all medias and platforms.

Business Planning

Business planning is a company’s position on its core and ancillary businesses, core and ancillary revenue models and current and potential customers. There is much overlap with brand strategy but business planning focuses more on financial, technological and operational issues. Having said that, the best brand strategies come from the proper business planning.

Value Proposition

In the end, each brand must have and articulate a unique valuable proposition that compels a certain individual(s). Although each brand has its own goals and objectives, every valuable proposition must be consistent with its core values and proven via its product and/or services.