• we are a STRATEGIC brand shop

  • we started on the STREETS

  • we’re founded on ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT

  • we believe in the POWER of a good STORY

  • we specialize in NOT specializing

  • we’re OLD school & NEW school

[Im.pot.toe] 1. (n. Italian) Impact 2. (v. Italian) to cause change, to create cultural movements. 3. (adj. Italian) passionate, relentless, ingenious.

Founded in Southfield, MI, Impatto is an integrated ad agency. Part art and part science, we are rooted in unbridled passion and the entrepreneurial spirit. Impatto is about straight talk, smart development and getting the job done. Impatto is a diverse team of free thinkers, constantly challenging the status quo and dedicated to the notion that good enough never is. Driven by the fundamental belief that ad agency’s should focus on the input, not the output . Our purpose is simple: develop and articulate a brand’s most compelling and profound truth in organic, relevant and engaging ways. Every business has a heart and soul and that is what connects most with consumers. From Ford to Fiat, ad campaign development to media, Impatto has helped many clients across many channels.


IMPATTO wins LIA Gold for FIAT Toluca Get Ready Film 
Fiat brand gallery wins top design award, created by IMPATTO