Brand Experience

Even with the explosion of online, mobile and all other technologies, one thing still holds true…

the brand experience created in-store is as important as ever to consumers

Why is the in-store brand experience so important?

  1. E-commerce has limitations – 67% of consumers still want to see and touch products 3
  2. Consumers are shopping less but want the experience of doing so to provide more 4
  3. Mobile continues to grow and consumers want unified online and bricks-and-mortar experiences 4


percentage of people 18 to 44 years-old who claim brand loyalty depends on the brand experiences created for them 1

90% of all US retail transactions happen in physical stores...5

but shopper satisfaction is declining up to 15% per year 6

People are 3x more likely to remember a real-world experience than a virtual one7


percentage of shoppers who will talk about a great retail experience with their friends – often telling 4 to 5 other people 2


percentage of shoppers who have enjoyed a great retail experience and intend to return the next time they need a similar product 2

74% of retailers believe developing a more engaging in-store customer experience is critical to business 8

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  8. 74% of Retailers Believe Developing a More Engaging In-Store Customer Experience is Critical to Business

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