Brand Identity

The Process
to Brand Identity

The process for developing a brand identity system that truly articulates your brand takes an incredible amount of research, smart thinking and intuitive design.

But a strategic brand identity ensures your brand is easily heard, recognized and remembered.


Conduct a Brand Audit
  • Interview key management and stakeholders for their needs and perceptions
  • Conduct an internal and external marketing and language audit
  • Research existing brands and their brand architecture
  • Review the vision, strategies, goals and values


Define the Strategy
  • Develop the positioning statement, brand attributes and naming strategy
  • Define key messages
  • Agree upon the brand tone
  • Clearly outline the brand strategy
  • Write a brand brief for moving forward


Design Your Identity
  • Collaborate and brainstorm graphic ideas for logo, typography and color
  • Explore all potential uses to avoid future implications
  • Complete the brand architecture
  • Finalize creative pieces for all touch-points


Manage Assets
  • Develop universal graphic standard guidelines
  • Implement throughout the company and external partners
  • Encourage synergy and cohesive brand look/tone/feel

Brand Tone

What is it and why does it matter?

In simplest terms, brand tone is the personality of your brand or company. It serves as the guide for what you say and how you say it. Brand tone should convey your brand's values and beliefs but should also connect with your audience in a relevant way – like a friend speaking to another friend. Brand tone should sound and feel like a person, not a corporate mission statement. Because this is what makes your brand relatable to those you are having a conversation with – your customers and prospects.

  1. Brand tone is an expression of your values and beliefs
  2. It is flexible in medium and audience – always striving for the right words at the right time
  3. Brand tone is more than word choice but should evoke a style
  4. It brings your brand to life and creates a dialogue with those around you
  5. Brand tone is flexible and strengthens over time – allowing for feedback and discussion

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