Sponsorship Integrations

Sponsorship is the fastest growing form of marketing in the US - surpassing advertising and sales promotion1

North American Sponsorship Spending by Property Type 2

  • Festivals, Fairs & Annual Events
  • Associations and Membership Organizations
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Causes
  • Arts
Sponsorship creates opportunities for "embedded advertising" - where relevant, intuitive messages are incorporated right into the action

IEG highlights the many benefits of sponsorship 3

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Create awareness and visibility
  • Change/reinforce image
  • Drive retail traffic
  • Showcase community responsibility
  • Drive sales
  • Sample/display brand attributes
  • Narrowcasting
  • Merchandise opportunities
Annual Growth of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sponsorship 2

Sponsorship aligns companies with social responsibility – a statement consumers react to

83% of Americans wish brands would support a cause and 41% have bought a product because it was associated with a cause they supported. 2

Information Resources
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  4. Stat of the Day: 83% Want Brands to Support Causes

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