Strategy Planning

The Market Model

  • Articulate a clear description of your business model and the current state of the marketplace
  • Define your products/services
  • Define total size of market
  • Define monetization schedule(s)
  • Define distribution mechanism
  • Define geographic area you plan to sell to

Macro Trends & Insights

  • Identify trends and insights that affect the marketplace, your business model, brand, products/services and target
  • Identify factors that may influence future conditions

Competitive Assessment

  • Define entire competitive set
  • Identify potential competitors
  • Evaluate competitor's positioning and marketing efforts
  • Determine what differentiates you from all sources of competition

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business model, brand, current products/services and any potential offerings

Target Insights

  • Identify customers and prospects
  • Identify customer and prospect preferences
  • Identify current market and brand perceptions
  • Identify brand attributes relevant to customers and prospects

Valuable Proposition

  • Define your brand experience and why it is unique, relevant and valuable

Brand Positioning

  • Develop your brand positioning statement that articulates who you are, what your purpose is, why you exist and why anyone should care

Communications & Messaging Framework

  • Develop a framework for effectively communicating brand character and values
  • Identify all channels appropriate for engaging your customers and prospects
  • Identify integrations and coordination of brand strategy across all media and platforms

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